Human Resources

We are looking forward to the apllications of the candidates who want to be a part of Porsi10 Plus family which is responsible,creative,clean and open-minded.


You can reach the details on or click the link below to apply for a suitbale position.


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Harput holding is aware of the importance of an experienced stuff and development of the abilities and personality of the stuff is the principal by taking employee satisfaction into consideration.Our first mission is to provide the suitable duty for our employees who are educated,innovative,open minded and keep up with the global changes and to offer development opportunities according to their abilities.As human resources,we courage our stuff to produce varied strategies and to take responsibilities of the products that they produce.We aim to improve individuals ,thus we can get the success of the teamwork.


Choosing and Employing


We believe in that responsible,innovative,attentive,open-minded and creative crew can achieve success and make contribution to each other.We incorporating honest,quality-oriented,enthusiastic and responsible stuffs to Porsi10 Plus team.The success of Porsi10 Plus is possible with the employees who maintain the vision,mision and the value of the company.So,choosing the best candidate and providing the equal rights for the candidates are on the top of Porsi10 Plus employing principles.


Education and Development


We support our employees about their personal development,career development and technical education programmes.We make investment to our employees to improve themselves in focused qualifications on-the-job training.


Fee and the Rights


We apply for the fees and rights competing with market conditions to our employees in our company.

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